Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gender's a Girl!

This Saturday, we got to celebrate with family and friends to announce Baby T's gender.  We feel so very blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  Thank you to everyone who helped make the day special (even those who weren't able to attend!)

Gestational age:  19 weeks.  Baby is about 6-7in long and weighs 11 oz.

Maternity clothes: Ordered some things off ASOS Maternity, but I think I am sending them all back.  European sizing is weird!

Stretch marks/Skincare:  Started using my Clarisonic again.  The charger had stopped working, and Sephora replaced the entire thing for free!

Symptoms:  Still feeling great with lots of energy.  I do occasionally feel nauseous after I eat, but it's nothing to really complain about.

Exercise:  Crossfit classes 3 times this week and two shorter CrossFit Mom workouts at home.  Workouts are feeling better these days, but running still sucks the air and energy right out of me!

Nutrition:  Splurged quite a bit with the party, etc, but looking forward to getting back on track this week.  Nevermind that our church small group is trying out Gus's Fried Chicken and I have journal club at Capers on Tuesday....

Sleep:  Sleep is still pretty great.  Get up once (on average) a night to use the restroom.  Everytime I do, I think how this is practice for sweet baby newborn girl.

Weight gain:  Have gained 10 lbs total.  Trying not to think about the number!

Movement:  Movements are getting stronger and stronger and definitely still moreso right after eating.  I love it.

Starting to show:  Yes!  Had 2 strangers ask me this week if I was expecting.  Will definitely be making the change to maternity clothes soon.

Doctor's visits:  Had our Anatomy Scan this week, and everything looked completely normal.  I cannot say how thankful I am for that!  Baby is a GIRL and is measuring a week ahead in length...guess that's no surprise!  The ultrasound tech kept saying how happy she looked in there.  She had a smile (or smirk) on her face the whole time.  We even got a DVD of the anatomy scan, and I am surprised to say I have only watched it once :)

We finished the weekend off with a wonderful sermon at church on suffering.  75% of the church had responded that they had gone through a major crisis of suffering within the last one year (my husband and I included).  The sermon was such a great reminder that no matter what you are currently going through or have gone through, it all serves to bring glory to God in ways that we may or may not ever understand. 

 "We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope." Romans 5: 3,4

Four Year Anniversary and 18 Weeks

We celebrated four years of marriage on August 17.  Tommy surprised me with pearl stud earrings that I've been wanting forever. Yay!  It has truly been the best four years of my life and I am so thankful for this man!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

17 Week Update

17 weeks:  Baby is an Onion

Gestational age:  17 weeks

Maternity clothes:  The above maxi dress is a Target Liz Lange purchase that I am loving.  Have made several other purchases, but for some reason I decided to try to hold off wearing until September 1.

Stretch marks/Skincare:  No stretch marks.  Still using Mustela and Belli Elasticity Oil as much as I can remember.

Symptoms:  Feeling great.  Eating smaller meals more frequently helps keep my reflux at bay.

Exercise:  Crossfit classes 5 times this week.  Still taking it slow, but it feels great to be in the gym.

Nutrition:  Doing pretty well with a few non-paleo treats this week.  I am anemic, so I am having to start an iron supplement in addition to my pre-natal, which I am not excited about....

Weight gain:  Found out at my last appointment that I have gained 5 lbs. total.

Movement:  Yes!  Felt movement at the end of 15 weeks, and it was the best feeling I've ever experienced.  Now baby loves to move after I've just eaten.  Energy!

Starting to show:  I definitely think so.  More and more each day!

Looking forward to:  Anatomy scan in a couple weeks.  I am praying everything looks good.  My quad screen was normal last week, which was good news. Also looking forward to the gender reveal party two weeks from today!

I have also started a baby registry and am going to work on a budget for baby stuff as well.  It's crazy how much stuff a little tiny baby "needs."

Saturday, August 10, 2013

15 Week Update

15 weeks:  Baby is a Navel Orange
So blurry!

14 Week Update

Not sure why these are so blurry...

14 weeks:  Baby is a lemon
 Gestational age:  14 weeks

Maternity clothes:  Not yet.  I have purchased a few things that I am anxious to wear.  I also have a wish list of things to hopefully get me through till the baby comes (a few dresses, basic tees/tanks, black skinny pants, faux leather leggings, tunics).

Stretch marks/Skincare:  No stretch marks.  Started using Mustela in the mornings and Belli Elasticity Oil in the evenings.  May try out the Mama Bee Belly Butter and Bio Oil products in the future.  Same facial skincare regimen as first tri.  Since it's summer, I'm really wanting to use some self-tanning products, but I'm trying to hold off as long as possible.  All my research says they are safe to use, but it seems not worth a risk just to be less pale.

Symptoms:  Feeling so amazing!  Sleeping well, having tons of energy.  Having some reflux if I eat too much.

Exercise:  Crossfit classes 4 times this week, walked one day.  I'm getting used to being the last one in class to finish the workout.

Nutrition:  Trying to eat paleo as much as possible, but not strictly.  Loving the fruit, trail mix, and LaraBars.  Also, huge accomplishment this week:  I was able to eat roasted broccoli again!

Movement:  No, but I cannot wait!  I'm trying sooo hard to feel it, but nothing so far.

Starting to show:  slowly.  Still waiting for a pop.

Right now, I am researching strollers.  I'd welcome any advice!  Have heard great things about the Baby Jogger City Mini.  Starting to realize how expensive all this baby stuff will be...yikes!