Saturday, August 10, 2013

14 Week Update

Not sure why these are so blurry...

14 weeks:  Baby is a lemon
 Gestational age:  14 weeks

Maternity clothes:  Not yet.  I have purchased a few things that I am anxious to wear.  I also have a wish list of things to hopefully get me through till the baby comes (a few dresses, basic tees/tanks, black skinny pants, faux leather leggings, tunics).

Stretch marks/Skincare:  No stretch marks.  Started using Mustela in the mornings and Belli Elasticity Oil in the evenings.  May try out the Mama Bee Belly Butter and Bio Oil products in the future.  Same facial skincare regimen as first tri.  Since it's summer, I'm really wanting to use some self-tanning products, but I'm trying to hold off as long as possible.  All my research says they are safe to use, but it seems not worth a risk just to be less pale.

Symptoms:  Feeling so amazing!  Sleeping well, having tons of energy.  Having some reflux if I eat too much.

Exercise:  Crossfit classes 4 times this week, walked one day.  I'm getting used to being the last one in class to finish the workout.

Nutrition:  Trying to eat paleo as much as possible, but not strictly.  Loving the fruit, trail mix, and LaraBars.  Also, huge accomplishment this week:  I was able to eat roasted broccoli again!

Movement:  No, but I cannot wait!  I'm trying sooo hard to feel it, but nothing so far.

Starting to show:  slowly.  Still waiting for a pop.

Right now, I am researching strollers.  I'd welcome any advice!  Have heard great things about the Baby Jogger City Mini.  Starting to realize how expensive all this baby stuff will be...yikes!

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