Tuesday, August 13, 2013

17 Week Update

17 weeks:  Baby is an Onion

Gestational age:  17 weeks

Maternity clothes:  The above maxi dress is a Target Liz Lange purchase that I am loving.  Have made several other purchases, but for some reason I decided to try to hold off wearing until September 1.

Stretch marks/Skincare:  No stretch marks.  Still using Mustela and Belli Elasticity Oil as much as I can remember.

Symptoms:  Feeling great.  Eating smaller meals more frequently helps keep my reflux at bay.

Exercise:  Crossfit classes 5 times this week.  Still taking it slow, but it feels great to be in the gym.

Nutrition:  Doing pretty well with a few non-paleo treats this week.  I am anemic, so I am having to start an iron supplement in addition to my pre-natal, which I am not excited about....

Weight gain:  Found out at my last appointment that I have gained 5 lbs. total.

Movement:  Yes!  Felt movement at the end of 15 weeks, and it was the best feeling I've ever experienced.  Now baby loves to move after I've just eaten.  Energy!

Starting to show:  I definitely think so.  More and more each day!

Looking forward to:  Anatomy scan in a couple weeks.  I am praying everything looks good.  My quad screen was normal last week, which was good news. Also looking forward to the gender reveal party two weeks from today!

I have also started a baby registry and am going to work on a budget for baby stuff as well.  It's crazy how much stuff a little tiny baby "needs."

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  1. Love you!! So excited that you are starting to feel him/her!!