Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:
Nice weather.  So happy the heat is staying away for a few more weeks.
Spending my birthday money and giftcards on new dresses at Anthro (don't worry, they were on sale).
Looking forward to a trip to Chicago next week with my mama and sister.
Finally trusting myself to get on Pinterest. I was scared it was going to take over my life, but I feel that I have been very responsible so far :)

The Bad:
Husband in his last three weeks of his MBA.  He's gone way too much for my liking.
Being on call.
Giving talks in front of every dermatologist in the state this weekend.  Not a fan of public speaking.

The Ugly:
To the critter living in our attic:  take cover...Husband is coming for you!


  1. Good luck this weekend! You'll do great! Also congrats to your lil family on the MBA accomplishment! You two have obviously had a busy several years. :)

  2. You WILL be amazing--I have not a doubt in the world!! Remember State Meets in Gymnastics...Balance Beam...Lots of Judges...TINY little beam...STATE CHAMPION........