Monday, April 9, 2012

Zucchini noodles

I am always talking about these zucchini "noodles," so I thought I would share how I actually make them. I have adapted this from The Clothes Make the Girl.

What you need:
4 medium zucchinis
Mandoline or julienne slicer (I use the Oxo mandoline slicer)
1 tbsp coconut or olive oil

What to do:
Dial the mandoline for thin julienne slices. With caution, slice about 1/2 to 3/4 way through the zucchini.

You might notice that I do this with my hand, which is not very safe. If you can get your safety veggie holder to work properly, I would recommend that...

Once your veggie holder can go no longer (or your fingers are too close for comfort to the blades), set the rest of the zucchini aside for a later use.  This is what I was left with:

"Aggressively" pick up the slices so the "noodles" will begin to fall apart. Note: you do not have to separate them all one-by-one like I did my first time.

Place them all in a collander.

Sprinkle salt. I usually use about 1 tbsp.

Set the timer for 20-30 min to let them sweat.

After time is up, rinse them very thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels. Heat a skillet with 1 tbsp of coconut or olive oil and saute until tender, about 5 min.

Use them just like you would pasta! I have used them with Asian and Italian food so far. We have made paleo pad thai, spaghetti and meat-sauce, and with meatballs.  Yum!!


  1. Seriously looks delicioso! Your kitchen is gorgeous, by the way!

  2. Thanks Lauren!!! Totally trying it out this weekend!