Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A trip to San Diego and some loot

Alright yall, so it is no secret that one of the greatest parts of the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting (held this year in San Diego) is the serious loot that attendees can collect. Imagine grown-up trick-or-treating in a huge convention center, and this is what you get:

Now. That's not to say that attending lectures is not thrilling and educationally stimulating, but this was definitely the best part of the trip. After over three hours of this trick-or-treat, I came away with these samples to try. Most of these items are newer products, so I am anxious to let everyone know how they work. I plan to do product reviews on many of them, so let me know if you want to hear about any in particular.

Here are some other snapshots of our trip.

Continually cracking up at Stephen Colbert's "I Am America"
New sparkly bracelet (J. Crew), Essie turquoise & caicos on nails

Outfit of the day: maxi skirt (Target), striped tee (Gap), mint scarf (H&M), leopard belt (J. Crew)

U.S.S. Midway

Dress (Anthro, clearance rack, with gift card), necklace (Banana, received as gift)
Absolutely delicious breakfast...HUGE omelets

Marine Corps Recruit Depot.  The obstacle course was calling Tom's name

Despite the very rainy weather, it was a great trip. It's hard to go wrong with the ocean and palm trees!



  1. Cool pictures...looked like you had fun!

  2. Love the turquoise nails!! Looks like a fabulous trip!!

  3. Oh my gosh I would die if I got all those samples! I'm such a skincare lover! Ok- I have an idea for a video/post. My dermatologist said a part of a great anti aging regimen is an antioxidant and recommended skinceuticals vitamin c with feurlic (so??). I'm on retin-a to control acne but liking the anti aging benefits and it got me wondering what I could do to prevent premature aging. Besides loads of sunblock. So I looked that prod up and it was around $120! Ouch. Do you have any cheaper alternatives for a great antioxidant? Is Skinceuticals worth it? Any product recommendations in general are fun to hear from someone that knows what they're talking about. The media throws so many promises around that I find myself not trusting them. Sorry- this is a novel!! :) thanks!!

    1. I am definitely pretty excited about the samples!! To be honest, most dermatologists I have trained under so far feel that Retin-A and sunscreen are enough for an anti-aging regimen. Especially because so many people find the retin-A itself so drying. Vitamin C is a very promising anti-oxidant, but the problem is that it gets oxidized very quickly, so I think what you are paying for with skinceuticals are the "stabilizers." Let me do some research for you and I'll definitely do an anti-aging regimen posting or video! Oh, and another thing are the alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid. I have used some of the MD Forte products with glycolic and like them a lot.

  4. how cool! can't wait to read your reviews :)