Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What to Wear Wednesdays

When starting this blog, I also wanted to incorporate some everyday fashion...the kinds of things I wear to work and out and about. I love feeling pulled together, because I feel like it truly makes my day go more smoothly.  When I have an extra big day planned, I can almost hear my mom reminding me to "dress for success." I have always viewed outfits as a creative outlet--I love to play with color and adore accessorizing. I guess I am also lucky in that I whole-heartedly enjoy shopping, and this allows me to hunt down those great deals. When I post outfits of the day, I will also include where I found the pieces, and if it was a particularly outstanding steal. This is what I wore on Monday...

Striped tee (Gap, on sale), pencil skirt (Target), nude wedge (Payless), necklace (J. Crew via ebay)


Back to the kitchen...making meatzas (meat as the "crust") for dinner Monday

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Cute! You look so polished.. I love that lower priced stores are copying jcrews pencil skirts! l checked out those necklaces on eBay a while ago and could not believe the price! Great price for such a statement. Thanks for the info on coconut oil! I am going to get some and five it a go.

  2. Great necklace! Fun color combo too.