Monday, March 19, 2012

Week of Workouts: There's a reason they have a name...

In CrossFit, some workouts are named. Whether it's "the girls" (benchmark workouts) or the hero workouts (these carry a fallen heroes name), I came to the conclusion that there's usually a reason why they are worthy of a name...they are usually super tough. Even if you look at the workout and think it doesn't seem so bad, you should be very leery...

The last week's workouts
--Friday: For time: Run 1 mile, 30 65lb thrusters, 30 pullups (17:30). Total time: 40 min
--Saturday: 5 rounds for time: 15 ring rows, 15 45lb bench press, 15 90lb back squat (16:00). I also worked on my back squat strength, doing 5 sets of 5 65% 1RM squats. I then walked a mile for a cool down and some vitamin D. Total time: 1h15min
--Sunday: Rain interfered with our weekly hike, so I took a rest day
--Monday: double WOD! "Jeremy" 21-15-9 reps of overhead squat (I did 55lb) and burpees. Then I did 50-40-30-20-10 reps of double-unders and sit-ups. Walked a mile. Total: 1 hr
--Tuesday: long warm-up. Front squats 5-5-5-5-5 reps. I did 45-55-65-75-95 lbs. Foam roller. Total: 40 min
--Wednesday: Griff: run 800m, 400m backwards, 800m, 400m backwards (15:30).Yes, both times I've done this I have felt ridiculous...and almost tripped. Total: 30 min
--Thursday: Workout on the beach! We jogged half a mile then did an "Indian" run half a mile--all in the sand...ouch. We then did sprints to the water x 5 (about 200m each) then practiced long jumping. Light and playful workout!  Total: about an hour.  Here are some action shots:

I have been getting many questions about getting started in CrossFit or this style of exercise, so I plan to post a few tips on how to get started. Please post below if you have any specific questions. Thanks!



  1. OH my GOSH!! You two are the epitomy of good health, great shape and beauty INSIDE and OUT!!

  2. I love your relationship and you even more!!! Seriously...can me and pat schedule a time to come visit this summer before he starts his MBA program!?!? Love and miss you! When you come up in May you should come to my crossfit gym with me!!